Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FleetCor Credit Card Announces Public Stock Offering, this could explain their customer service departments drive to maximize fees and penalties.

Fleetcor credit card hopes to cash in on their insufferable customer service practices for a big wall street payday. I guess that's how business works on wall street, maximize fees and penalties on credit card accounts, then the bigger profits result in a bigger IPO for the wall street wizards.

Fleetcor changed the due date on their Chevron Texaco billing statement to me last year without any kind of notice that was easy "to notice". The Chevron / Texaco bill would come in, I would pay it, and then suddenly one month I was late because fleetcor had surreptitiously moved the due date up almost 2 weeks.

After always having a due date of between the 7th and 8th of the month, suddenly the bill was due on the 24th of the month. However, when the bill first arrived in the mail, it arrived almost at the same of the month as it usually did.

Chevron Texaco Fleetcor had gone from a generous billing cycle to one that had only 2 weeks from the time they printed their bill to the time I had to have my payment in.

I will go into detail on another post how they tortured me back then over the changing of the due date, how I begged them to change it back because of personal family circumstances, and how they continue to harrass me on a daily basis now with calls from a Caribbean "customer service" asking for money I do not owe.

Once again, wall street gives it to main street and then expects a reward for doing it. I've started researching Fleetcor and what I see is old school macho wording and an arrogance to match. I know this kind of company. They simply use surreptitious "change in terms", what I call paper violence, to squeeze out as much profit as possible, then they pat themselves on the bank, presumably with huge bonuses taken off from their divisive customers service billing tactics.

Worst of all, Fleetcor revels in not identifying themselves when they harass customers or give shoddy "customer service", instead, they use the name of the company that they are "representing", and that is why this blog is called "Chevron is evil".

I pay EXTRA at the pump for using a Chevron Texaco Fleetcor credit card. If were to pay cash, I would go to Arco and SAVE five to ten cents per gallon. So the "perk" of having a Chevron Texaco Fleetcor gas card has been paid for, at the pump, at the time I fill up.

But that is not good enough for Chevron Texaco Fleetcor credit card. Fleetcor steps in with their myriad of old school credit card billing tricks, tricks that the consumer credit card industry had already moved away from even before the credit card reform act of 2009.

Fleetcor needs an enema.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I have the same problem and I am getting the run around with my account. They apparently do not have managers all the time.

Alessandro Machi said...

I really appreciate your comment. I hesitated from starting this blog for a couple of months because I already have protest blogs up about Chase Bank.

However, wrong is wrong, and in future articles I will highlight what I consider to be arrogant and old school style of business practices that I believe the fuddy duddies at Fleetcor exchange in.

If you want to elaborate on your story, please feel free to do so.

I can't seem to change the light blue color where it says post a comment so that it is more visible.

Samrat said...

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Joomla Billing said...

Let their customer representatives answers your complaints. Maybe they knew their fault that's why they do not want to face their clients.

Alessandro Machi said...

I feel as if the customer service reps hands are tied and that they are under strict orders to not reverse penalties or fees or to change billing dates when requested.

Let Joe Know said...

Hello Alessandro,

I'm from ABC15 LET JOE KNOW in Phoenix, AZ. We are contacting you in regards to your blog Chevron is Evil you posted on about Chevron/Texaco.

We here at Let Joe Know are reaching out to consumers about their experiences with Chevron/Texaco and the fees they were charged and any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

We believe this is an intentional process that impacted customers nationwide.

We would like to hear your story.

Any information help will be greatly appreciated!

We can be reached at 855-323-1515