Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chevron Texaco Business credit card billing that is run by Fleetcor is run in a scandalous manner in my opinion.

Notice the statement date. It says 1/24/0000, Now keep in mind that from the day that the statement date is printed, it then has to be stuffed into an envelope and mailed, and then received by you a few days later. Anywhere from 3-7 days could elapse from the statement date! That means you could literally receive your bill on 1/31/0000, and it would be due ONE WEEK LATER, on 02/07/0000!

If you are then even one day late with your payment on a potential 7 day turnaround, you can then be hit with a FORTY DOLLAR LATE FEE. If you fight the fee, the odds are the fee WILL NOT be overturned, and then you will be hit for a new 40 dollar late fee each and every month if you decide to not pay the penalty.


On top of that, Chevron Texaco can (and did to me), arbitrarily change the billing due date. It was almost like they did it on purpose to trick me. My bill came very near the date it usually comes, only now the due date had been moved up by around 12-14 days!

When I called to have the date moved back to what it originally was, the representative took my info down, and then apparently nothing happened. Chevron never sent a response letter. Any other credit card I had used in the past, if I asked for the due date to be moved, it was either moved, or I was immediately told it could not be moved.

I called three times to get the date moved back, not once was I told it would not be done. The first time in 2009 I think someone from the customer service center I was literally begging Chevron Fleet Texaco to not complicate my life any further by changing due dates on me, and I think the call was cut off because it had been well over a ten minute call.

Over the next couple of months I called two more times, the second time was from my dying father's hospital room. I was with my father for 15 consecutive days in the hospital, I stayed overnight each and every night except for the night when I went home and printed up a walls worth of pictures to put up in his hospital room.

During those fifteen days, I took my mother to visit my father daily, and I assisted in the order in which my father would be treated as different doctors planned their treatment schedule which did not include the order of the other doctors that were also planning procedures (we didn't know yet that he only had 2-4 weeks to live).

On top of that, I had to take care of many monthly bills, of all the bills, the chevron bill stood out like a sore thumb for me because of the change in the due date.

Chevron Texaco business credit card serviced by Fleetcor and IS THE ONLY BUSINESS CREDIT CARD I have ever had that took my request to change the date BACK TO WHAT IT WAS and just did nothing without telling me they were not going to change it back! Fleetcor did not even send a letter saying they would not change back the due date to what it originally was.

The purposeful inconveniencing of a customer on so many levels just to increase the likelihood of causing the customer to be late on a payment is something any responsible corporation would stay away from.
The companies up above all use Fleetcor Business Credit Card services for their business credit card accounts. If the "standard of care" that Fleetcor uses with Chevron Texaco business customers is an indicator of how they treat the customers from these other companies, I would suggest not doing business with any of them.
If you run a franchise under any of the companies above, I feel badly for you as you might be being victimized by the Fleetcor business model. I may like you, I may like your store, but once I've been screwed over by Fleetcor, I won't do business with any company that hires Fleetcor to run their business credit card division.


Anonymous said...

FLEETCOR Is the WORST vendor we have ever dealt with... I couldn't agree more with the author of the writing above. We were a Cheveron/Texaco customer for fourteen years... Never had a problem with them. They realized that we were a small business and worked with us when we had low cash flow.

After FLEETCOR took over business billing, we had nothing but problems... First they sent us a letter telling us that after 14 years, I would need to provide a personal guarantee on the account, or prepay in advance, or go on two week billing. I immediately sent a letter to the CEO of Chevron, and asked him what was going on with this company? I got a call back a few days later (from FLEETCOR) telling me that despite the longevity of my account they would leave the account alone. Then I discovered (by accident) they had put me on bi-weekly billing. This created an accounting nightmare. Hence another letter to the CEO of Chevron, and another call. This time they put me on monthly billing. I started getting the bills and two months later was surprised to learn that they their billing was now net 15, and we generally did not even receive the bill until 4-5 days before it was due. Thus then we got late charged thirty plus dollars a month for late payment. Finally, It got to be such a mess that I suspended doing business with them until we straightened this out... I just sent them whatever they claimed we owed. After the suspension, I went to use the card, and it was denied... I called them and they said my account was closed due to inactivity, and that they could not re-open it. I politely said thank you, shredded my card, and issues Exxon Mobil cards to the team. I have dealt with Exxon Mobil (Citibank) almost as long as Chevron, and I have to say... They (Exxon Mobil) have their stuff togetheer and are small business friendly. MORALE to our story. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CHEVRON/TEXACO until they fire FLEETCOR for damaging their reputation, and loosing long term customers.

Alessandro Machi said...

Great letter, I just don't understand why the many others who get screwed over by this company remain relatively quiet.

Third party credit card servicing companies seem to be very unhelpful on many levels, they seem to either charge a way too high interest rate, or try billing shenanigans that simply hurt their customers through additional fees and penalties.

I pray for anyone who was victimized by the Oklahoma tornado and has to deal with fleetcor.

Alessandro Machi said...

Here is a complaint from elsewhere making similar complaints. FleetCor is Awful